Do you need to add activity into your day? Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

Here is my challenge to you: Go for a 15 minute walk. You can walk outside or inside.

For outside walking go with a friend. Walking in pairs is much more fun and it will do the two of you some good. While you are out, don’t gossip. Talk about things that are really important to you or look at the scenery. Walking can be a very enjoyable experience but you can change the mood with gossip. If you are on a break at work, don’t talk about work while walking. Change your scenery with the walk, and change your talk as you walk.

If you walk alone play some music with a steady beat that will help you keep a quick pace.

Indoor walking is great! I love it. I pop in my Leslie Sansone DVD and away I go. I have walked a lot of miles with Leslie and her group. She is funny and has great music to walk to. You can get her DVDs online or at your local Walmart. I picked up six of her DVDs at a second hand store. Walk Away the PoundsIf you happen to have any of Leslie’s videos sitting on your shelf, break them out! Start using them! You will be glad you did.