Today is Sunday. Everyone begins a new plan for their eating habits on Monday. Why is that?

If you want to start something new for your eating plan let’s start today! Why wait until tomorrow?

It is 6:00 am where I am and I’m hungry for breakfast. If you are reading this and you have already eaten one or two meals today then start your new habit with your next meal. It’s that easy. You don’t have to wait until the next day.

Here are a few suggestions that are what I consider small steps, but they can start you on your journey to getting you to your fitness goals.

  • Do you drink pop or soda everyday? How many sodas do you drink each day? Be honest. Drink one less pop each day for the entire week.
  • Do you eat out? How often? Did you ever stop and add up the amount of money you spend eating out, plus the groceries you buy each week? You would be surprised at how many new outfits you could have bought with that money. If you eat out everyday, create one healthy meal from the healthier choices on the menu everyday this week.
  • Do you eat out three times or more each week? Be adventurous, cook a meal at home! You know it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to create a meal. Here is a quick suggestion: cook a turkey burger or a chicken breast or thigh, add a favorite veggie and favorite starch and bingo-bango you have a meal. How about a favorite soup? How about a cup of soup and half a sandwich? See it’s easy and a lot easier on the wallet! If you’re single get your friends together for a cookout or a picnic and have everyone bring a “healthy” dish for all to enjoy.
  • Do you work outside the home and spend your breaks indoors? Stop it! Get outside and go for a walk! Most of us work in an area where we can go for a walk. I don’t want you walking to the nearest McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Enjoy a tasty apple or banana on your walk. Take a friend with you!

What will be the small change you will make this week for your health?

I started on Friday 6/6/2014 with these two small steps.

  1. I cut out all diet soda. I am only drinking water and tea.
  2. I threw out all of the flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and molasses in my cupboard. (There is nothing like being an overweight person and being a great baker!) I have been sugar free since Friday.

I got the bug again to really get back on track after watching American Ninja Warrior. Those girls look amazing and I love their athleticism. They can do it and so can I! So can you!