I really enjoy exercising. There I said it! Do I like doing it everyday? Most of the time. When I drag myself out of bed do I always feel like exercising? No. I feel achy, stiff and tired. Sometimes the last thing I want to do at 4:00 am is exercise. Then I remind myself of how good I’m going to feel if I do exercise. I won’t regret my 15 – 30 minute workout either. When my workout is finished my joints are feeling much better, I have a sense of accomplishment and now I can start my day on a “feeling great” note.

All exercises are not for everybody. This is what is great about creating your own personal workout. It’s personal! You don’t have to do any type of exercise you don’t like.

You know what exercise I don’t like? Jumping Jacks. I will do a half-jack, but I’m not jumping. I don’t like any exercise that has the word jumping in it. There are so many other exercises that I do enjoy and that are good for me why would I jump?

So I’m asking you, what activity do you really like doing? Riding a bike, walking, jogging, hiking, kayaking, etc. Well then, go do the exercises that are going to help you excel at those activities.