I’m doing the happy dance today! I hope you joined me this week in making changes to get you to a healthier you.

Okay, so this week I cut out all sugar and pop. I got my portion sizes back under control and I consistently exercised. Why am I doing the happy dance?

I lost 3 pounds and I got rid of 4 inches! I like losing the inches better than the pounds.

Here is another thing I did with my “personal” eating program when I got started losing weight a few years ago. I made a list of all the foods that I like and all the foods I didn’t. (Cottage Cheese, Yuk! Why does every diet want you to eat that?)

The foods on the don’t like side, don’t ever worry about those foods. If you don’t like them don’t eat them. You need to focus on controlling the portion sizes of the foods that you do like, and opening up your mind to trying new foods so that you can make substitutions for the unhealthy foods that you do like. (Substituting yams for potatoes, Greek yogurt for ice cream, etc.)

Look at the list of foods that you do like. How many of them are foods that are ready-to-go like chips, crackers, pastas, snack foods, etc? How many of these foods do you eat everyday?

About these ready-to-go foods ask yourself this:

  • Could I cut my portions down to half?
  • Could I really go for it and cut these foods out all together?

If you said yes to one of these questions, follow through and make the decision that this week you are going to stick to it and either cut them down to 50% intake or remove the junk from your “personal” eating program.

Now, on your list of foods that you like to eat, do you have any fruits and vegetables? Fruits are fruits. If your vegetables are potatoes, that is a starch. It goes in the category of bread. Do you have any green veggies or carrots or tomatoes? Anything with color? If you do add them to you “personal” eating program. If you have not been doing a good job of eating these wonderful foods then make the change today and get them on your plate! They are wonderful and you’ll be amazed at how great these tasty foods will start making you feel.

About these fruits ask yourself this:

  • Could I eat 2 servings of these fruits each day?
  • Could I substitute a bag of chips or nachos chips for a fruit?
  • Could I substitute a Little Debbie for one of the fruits that I like?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then go for it! Don’t buy the snack cakes, cookies, cake mixes or anything in that category. If you don’t have them within reach, you can’t eat them. Do eat your fruit that you like. Add a Greek yogurt with your fruit for a satisfying snack.

You need to put your list of foods in the correct categories. If you need help with that click here for a list.

One last tip. When you are creating your menus, eat a protein with all of your meals. (A protein is not a full sandwich, that is a meal.)

I’m going to end here for today so you have just a few things to think about to get you started to creating your own “personal” eating plan.

If you took a few of the small steps that I mentioned last week to get you started, please let me know how you did. Did you meet a goal you set for yourself? Did you see any changes in your measurements or on the scale?

Get jazzed about the possibilities that could be in your future when you start on a journey to a healthier and fit you!