What’s cooking for this weekend? How about a tasty healthy menu cooked at home where the kids can help and then the family enjoys an activity that the kids have voted on.

Let’s talk about color. I have talked before about picking a new color for your dishes. How about a new color/pattern for your dishes for family night? Let the kids help pick them out. I know around here the local grocery stores have seasonal dishes and they are cute and colorful.Colorful Dishes

How about a healthy menu for the family and letting the kids help prepare and fix it.

How about Fish and Chips? Those are two dishes that kids really like.

Parmesan FishParmesan-Fish-Sticks Sticks Recipe _ Giada De Laurentiis _ Food Network




Spiced Oven-Fried Potatoes Recipe _ Food Spiced-Oven-Fried-PotatoeNetwork Kitchen _ Food Network




How about an activity for family night? Choose something that gets the family out of the house and moving. Not an outing to a movie theater, but out to somewhere you can all get moving. How about bowling, putt-putt golf, batting cages, Frisbee, croquet, riding bikes?

Let the kids choose the activity and then stick to it. You could make up invitations, announcements, etc. Make it fun and make it a night that the kids are really going to look forward to all week!