I have always been an early morning person. Over the last couple of years I have been getting up at 4:00 am. My husband has to get up that early three days a week, so that set my internal clock to get up everyday at 4:00.

I get so much done before I’m out the door to go to work. I feel like I’ve accomplished a full days worth of work by 6:30 am.
4:00 – get up and exercise 30 – 45 minutes – release those wonderful endorphins!
4:50 – read my Bible – nourish my spirit
5:00 – post my two blogs and twitter – communicate with others
5:15 – put the clothes in the wash
5:20 – make my breakfast – nourish my body
5:40 – clean the kitchen and straighten the bedroom
6:00 – put clothes out to dry
6:10 – prepare for my students in the afternoon
6:20 – get all my stuff together for the morning
6:30 – feed the fish
I’m ready to go!

I love the quite time in the morning. It also gives me a chance to watch a show that my husband may not be interested in, or listen to a podcast while I’m getting my chores done.

This is “me” time. My husband respects this. It’s not really a time I like to talk a lot. I just like being quite and getting things done. “Me” time is not being selfish. Don’t ever think that taking time to take care of you, when balanced with a healthy lifestyle, is being selfish.

If you are looking to make new changes to fit your new healthy lifestyle, then make the change of getting up earlier than what you do now part of the the new you.

What could you accomplish in the morning if you gave yourself an extra hour before beginning your daily routine? How do you think you would physically and mentally feel if you started a routine of exercise, reading, etc. before heading out the door? Let me know, tell me what you would do with your extra 30 – 60 minutes.

Have a wonderful day!