If you are planning on starting a new eating plan to help you lose weight, here are some tips to help you get started working on a new menu.

1. Eat breakfast. If you usually skip breakfast, try eating a fresh piece of fruit as you head out the door. Don’t skip it anymore, it really is important to break the fast from the night before.

If you do eat breakfast in the morning. Watch your portion sizes. You don’t need to eat a huge meal. Keep it lite. How about a quick breakfast sandwich on an English muffin or a bowl of healthy cereal with unsweetened almond milk?

2. Snacks. Keep your snacks around 100 – 150 calories. Eat one snack between breakfast and lunch, if you are hungry, and another one between lunch and dinner. Again, only if you are hungry.

3. Lunch. Choose something colorful like a salad, but don’t drown it in a pool of salad dressing or some other condiment. Make a smarter choice. Choose vinaigrette or cut back on the amount of a creamier salad dressing. Make sure you have a protein in your salads. Grilled chicken good choice! Fried chicken, delicious, but not anymore!

How about a healthy sandwich piled high with veggies? That makes my mouth water! Again, be stingy with the condiments.

4. Dinner. Get a protein, starch and a vegetable. Go for a grilled protein. Corn on the cob or a yam are colorful starches. (Much better than a dinner roll or biscuits.) Fresh green beans, asparagus or broccoli are great for the vegetable.

5. Dessert. Do you like to end your day with a dessert? Who doesn’t? How about a creamy yogurt parfait? This is so simple. Here is what you need:

Vanilla Greek Yogurt 6 oz.
1 Crunchy Granola Bar – crushed
2 Strawberries – sliced.

Pick a pretty or cute small dish.
Put a layer of granola on the bottom.
Add a layer of yogurt.
Next add the berries.
Top with the rest of the yogurt.
Top that with the rest of the granola bar.

Bingo, bango you have a healthy dessert!

What will your new menu look like? Do you have a favorite low-fat low-calorie dessert you will add to your menu?