Losing weight and getting in your best shape is all about you! No one else. We all have a handful of excuses as to why we are overweight and why we have chosen to stay that way.

Yes, I said it. It is a choice. We make a choice every time the food goes in our mouth. We have chosen whether the food is healthy or not healthy. We make the choice by going out and eating a fattening meal or staying home and cooking a healthy one. Have you ever looked at the people in the restaurant and compared yourself to them? Do you look at some of them and say to yourself, “Well, at least I’m not as large as that person.” Keep making the same choice to eat a meal that isn’t healthy and you will look like them sooner or later.

Own it! Own the past mistakes that you have made when it comes to not being successful at losing weight and becoming healthy. It is your responsibility to choose the healthy foods at the proper portion. It is your responsibility to choose whether to exercise or not. Remember exercise can be a fun choice! You don’t have to do a million jumping jacks, 50 burpees, or some other exercise that you hate. Pick an activity that you do enjoy. Miniature golf, bowling, swimming, walking, etc.

Take time to watch this second message Own It! by Andy Stanley. I know you’ll enjoy it and it will give you food for thought.

Think of all the excuses you have used to not become a healthier you. Can you tell yourself the reasons you do want to become a healthier you and build your motivation to move forward? I know one big reason for you to become healthier: You Are Worth It!