What was I thinking? Have you ever asked yourself that? How about after downing a box of cookies or half a gallon of ice cream? I have. I know what I was thinking. I can work that off in the next two days. Really???

That is how our past mistakes can creep up on us. Just one decision at a time.

So let’s rethink it. What are we going to do this time that will make us a success at losing weight and keeping it off?

How about this:
#1. I’m going to rid my house, office and car of all of the junk that is keeping me unhealthy.

#2. (If you have family) I’m going to get the family involved in the process and I’m going to make the activities fun and the food delicious.

#3. (If you are single) I’m going to get my best friend involved. Together we are going to become more active and we are going to learn to cook!

Those three things can are a start to help us stay on the right track and not repeat the same things we have done in the past to sabotage our efforts.

Here is part three of the Starting Over message. Isn’t it a good message? I hope you are open to it.

Tell me, what can you do to break the cycle of repeating the same mistakes when it comes to your health?