We are continuing our journey through the alphabet for my blog, so let’s see what we have on tap for the letter “J”.



Jackfruit: 1 cup = 157 calories





How to open a Jackfruit



Jicama: 1 medium = 250 calories





Jicama Chip Recipe

Body Part: The Jaw

This part of the body can really get a workout. You know what I’m talking about! If we are talking too much or eating too much, I think it can get over-worked. So maybe that is a body part that we need to let rest a little bit more often than when we sleep. LOL!

Exercise: The dreaded Jumping Jacks

If you have read one of my previous posts about this exercise I let the reader know how much I hate this exercise. I don’t like any exercise that begins with the word jump.

Have a wonderful day!