I haven’t continued on with my triple “F” alphabet, so I’m going to start again today with the letter “N”.


Nectarines: 1 medium = 59 calories






Neep: 1 cup = 53 calories

The rutabaga, swede, turnip, yellow turnip, or neep is a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip.



Body Part

The Neck! Okay ladies, you want to know the secret to having a nice thin neck and how to reduce those double and triple chins? I found that crunches and push-up will help tighten and tone the neck. The benefits are very noticeable rather quickly and they are free. No need for that expensive plastic surgery! I do crunches and push-ups on a regular basis. When I slack off on them, I see the bagginess and loosening of the skin on my neck. I get right back on the band wagon and start doing them again, and I see the tightening and toning immediately!


Crunches and push-ups! That’s it!

Fun: Show off that great looking neck that you have worked so hard for. When your neck is toned and strong, show it off. Where a blouse or a top that has a neckline that will show off the hard work you have been putting in! There is a lot of fun in that!