Can you name two or three fruits off the top of your head that begin with “O”?


orangeOrange: 1 small = 45 calories




Otaheite Apples: 1 small = 46 calories







Okra: 1 cup = 33 calories




Gluten Free Orange Cake

Okra Recipe

Indian Bhindi Curry Recipe

Body Part:
Omentum: A sheet of fat that is covered by peritoneum. The greater omentum is attached to the bottom edge of the stomach and hangs down in front of the intestines. Its other edge is attached to the transverse colon. The lesser omentum is attached to the top edge of the stomach and extends to the undersurface of the liver.

Dr. Oz has a great instructional video about the Omentum: Click here to watch.

Walking is one of the best exercises to reduce fat in your omentum. Start with 30 minutes of brisk walking each day, then add some weight or resistance exercises after you’ve been walking at least a month. Planking and pushups are resistance exercises that help strengthen your core muscles and reduce belly fat. Changing up the exercise routine helps keep your body from becoming accustomed to it, helping you burn omentum fat faster. Extend the duration of your walk, or choose a hilly option instead of flat ground.

Fitness: Oblique Crunches
oblique_crunchThese great oblique exercises is an oblique floor crunch with your leg crossed. Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head. Cross your right leg over your left leg. Your right ankle should be on your left knee. Lift your body halfway up and twist your left elbow to the right side of your body. Hold this position for one second and lower your body. Do these oblique exercises 10-15 times. Once you finish one side, alternate to the other side.

Fun: Off Road Skating

This looks like a lot of fun!