Introduction to my podcast!

Welcome, and thank you for joining me on the Get Jazzed about Fitness Podcast.
This is my very first episode, so today I want to share with you who I am, my weight loss journey and what this podcast is going to be about.

My name is Brenda Mueller. I live in California. I’m married. I’ve been married for 16 years to my awesome husband Mark. I’m proud to say that we met online back when online dating was in it’s infancy. I lived in Illinois and he lived in California. We don’t have any children.

Our dog Porkchop.


My two draft horses, April & May.

We have a dog named Porkchop and two draft horses that are half sisters named April and May.


This year I am turning 50! I’m jazzed about that because I feel better than I did when I was thirty.

I am not a certified personal trainer, or certified nutritionist. I am someone that finally took control and lost weight using common sense. I have learned a few tips over the years from many different diets. Some worked and some didn’t. I want to share with you what I did.

Me at 280 pounds.I was always a fat kid. Fat teen, and fat adult. My yo-yo dieting started at age 10. I’ve been on just about every diet known to man. Name some of them. Like most people I lost weight, but never kept it off. Why, I didn’t like the food and I hated exercise. I must tell you though I did have a lot of workout equipment. You know the kind that ends up being a laundry hanger. Even after I married Mark I still yo-yo dieted. He saw me drop 60 pounds and then gain 40 of it back. He was always supportive no matter what I was trying next to lose weight.

Well, 5 years ago it all changed. My mom was going in for quadruple bypass and I made up my mind when I heard that, that was not going to be me. I was going to shed the pounds, get physically fit and achieve athlete status. Two years later, my dad had to have a pacemaker put in and a year after that, he had to have a quadruple bypass.

me140When I started this journey for that last time I weighed in at 220 pounds. I was a size 18-20. I didn’t go on a “diet”. I was through with the diet books. I own just about all of them in print. If I don’t own it I have checked it out of the library, and read it. I decided that I was going to change to a healthier eating plan and it was not going to include any of the foods that are suggested in weight loss programs that I cannot stand. I was going to eat only the foods that I really like. I was going to try new foods, I was open to that, but there had to be a way to lose weight and eat what I really like. I didn’t join a gym. I didn’t enroll in a weight loss program. I didn’t go out and purchase expensive workout equipment like a treadmill or elliptical.

I already had in my home a weight bench, dumbbells and a whole bunch of workout tapes and DVDs. The first thing my husband and I did was make the change our lifestyle. My husband and I completely quit going to restaurants. I can tell you, if you are going to restaurants and fast food places on a regular basis, if you stop you will probably lose 10 pounds with no problem. When I look back at how much money we spent going to the restaurants I could kick myself. We were spending tons of money going out, plus grocery shopping every weekend for the week. I don’t know about you, but when we ate out all the time, we were throwing food away at the end of the week that was in the fridge.

My diet changed from biscuits, gravy, hash browns and eggs at breakfast. Lunch was a pot pie, or KFC two piece all white extra crispy meal, and dinner was tacos from Taco Bell, frozen pizza at home, or hamburgers and french fries. I made the switch to a healthier meal plan of chicken stir-fry with fresh vegetables for breakfast. Nuts and fruits for mid-morning and afternoon snacks, and a healthy portion of stir-fry in the afternoon. My day starts at 4:00 am so I am finished eating by 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

Bike ride to Folsom Lake.

I love to exercise. I use to exercise two hours each day. An hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I did cardio and weightlifting. I turned into a small monster when it came to weightlifting. Man I love seeing all the muscles ripple in my forearms and seeing the skin tighten under my arms and watching my biceps grow. I even love seeing the vein pop inside my elbow when I am pumped up! I found that nothing gives me a better double chin lift like crunches and push ups. I discovered a regular routine of those two exercises and my chin and neck stay nice and tight. It’s also a lot cheaper than a facelift.
Now I exercise an 45 to 90 minutes each day.

Because of my weight loss and becoming physically fit, I can go bicycling and feel great when we are done with a 31 mile ride.

  • I can kayak more than 5 miles at a time non-stop.
  • I can jog without being winded or tired.
  • I can do an 85 pull pull down on the weight bench.
  • I can do fifteen 45 pound bench presses. I hope to get that up to 100 pounds.

The purpose of this podcast is to motivate and inspire those who want to lose weight and are tired of all the hoopla when it comes to diets and fads in weight loss.

I want to share:

  • the things I learned during my weight loss journey.
  • tips about exercising.
  • recipes for healthy wonderful tasting food.
  • how I had fun taking this journey.

In my next podcast I’m going to focus on how I made the changes in my lifestyle to set me up for success. They are very common sense, and they are probably things that we have all heard before, but never put into practice. These changes I want you to get excited about. I really want you to be successful in creating a healthier lifestyle that will continue into the future and create the type of weight loss, physical fitness, and active lifestyle you deserve.