When I was losing my weight one of the best ways for me to keep me on track to reach my goal was to organize my closet. I organized it by sizes. I had all of these clothes in different sizes. Clothes that fit, clothes that were just 1/2″ too small and clothes that were 2 to 3 sizes too small.

Here is my suggestion to start getting your closet organized to set you up for success: Organize your closet by sizes.

  • Start with the clothes that you are currently wearing. Are they too tight or just right?
  • The next size should be the clothes that are just a bit too small. You probably like these clothes but you know that they just a little uncomfortable and they probably make you feel fat. Maybe the buttons on a shirt pucker, or the zipper on a pair of jeans is being pushed to the limit.
    • The clothes in this part of your closet are going to be your first goal clothes. Just a few pounds and you will be wearing them again.
  • With the rest of the clothes that aren’t in these two categories, arrange them by size. You are going to start working your way down into them.

This is going to give such a good feeling of accomplishment. The feeling will be much better than seeing the needle move on the scale.

As soon as you have dropped a size, give the clothes that are now too big to the local Goodwill, Salvation Army or second hand store. You don’t ever want to get back into those clothes again. You have worked too hard.

When I was rockin’ my weightloss, I dropped a size every three weeks. Man, did that feel great! I love shopping at the second hand stores for a new wardrobe. I found clothes there that still had the tags on them for a fraction of what I could buy them for at the store. And jeans, woo hoo! I love my Wrangler low cut hip huggin’ size 5 jeans. I only paid $5 for them. Brand new they are over $50.

You have a lot to look forward to as you drop the pounds. A whole new world of fun and great fitting clothes are out there waiting for you. What are you waiting for?