I love the color of healthy food, new clothes and new dishes. When I first started the journey to a healthier lifestyle I started appreciating the color of food. I took a look at my plates and I had the same old boring white plates that everyone sells that have the thin border around the rim. I ditched those plates and started buying solid colors. I have red, yellow, dark blue and medium blue. With solid colors I can add unique plates, bowls, salad plates and glasses with a pretty design, to make a very interesting and attractive table.

Here are some of the new dishes I purchased for the new year.

mexicali_plateThis is my “Mexicali” plate. I love serving breakfast on this one along with healthy Spanish cuisine.

chicken_plateThis is my chicken plate. I like serving breakfast on this one. I think chickens are the funniest birds. They are hilarious when they run. We have three chickens that come over to the ranch every day. Can you guess what their names are? Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper!

flower_plateThis is my favorite plate. I am going to get the glasses that go with this. This pattern in person, I think, is stunning.

Food storage!

food_storage1I talked about food storage in my “Organizing the Refrigerator” video. My mom sent me these this week for my birthday. These are really neat and the lids fit very tight for the perfect seal. These will look great on the table with the serving dishes I have that match them.

I hope these pictures have inspired you to add color to your table and your favorite foods. Your food will taste better if it looks beautiful and you will want to eat at home more often.