It has been a long time since I have worked out in a gym. I do all of my exercise at home and outdoors. I came across this article on and found the information good and great reminders when working out at your favorite gym.

1. DO get creative with circuits.

If you want to use the functional space to do a circuit alone or with some friends, go ahead! The gym staff loves seeing people train creativity. Just keep in mind how long you’ve been using the equipment in the circuit.

2. DON’T wear flip-flops.

This shouldn’t require much explanation. Flip-flops are unsafe, plain and simple. They are especially unsafe in the gym because of the dangers of weights falling on your feet. In addition, they can be unstable; the last thing you need is your feet slipping while holding weight.

3. DON’T talk or text while on machines.

Someone may be waiting for you to hop off so that they can get in a set. Try to get off of the machine during your rest. It makes it a little more approachable if someone needs to share a set with you. Your best bet: Hang up the phone so you can focus on your set.

4. DO read directions on the machines.

They are there to ensure that you use the proper form and see the best results. You’ll be surprised at how simple and direct they can be.

5. DON’T work out too close to the dumbbells.

Keep a healthy distance between the dumbbell rack. Don’t work out too close to it because others may need the dumbbells.

6. DO participate in club culture events.

Even if you’re a homebody, befriending your gym-mates is ALWAYS a good idea. During my six years working in this industry, I have seen countless people of all backgrounds come together.

7. DO use the gym wipes.

Clean machines after using, and don’t forget to throw the wipes away.

8. DON’T sing along with your headphones out loud.

Regardless of whether you have a voice like Beyonce, it may be inconsiderate to show it at the gym. Let’s do our best to make it a place of peace for all.

9. DO share your questions with the staff We love to help and teach!

If you ask a trainer for help, you’ll get great counseling; you may even get a free session out of it! There is NO wrong question.