Have any of you seen this show from the UK on Youtube.com called “Super Size vs Super Skinny”? I found this show by accident and now I am hooked.

The premise of the show:

A doctor pairs up a super size person with a super skinny person. Both of them have very unhealthy eating habits. They trade eating habits for a few days. Then they are put on the correct eating plan and the doctor follows the results.

The sad thing is the doctor sends the super sized patients to the US to see what is in-store for their future if they keep eating the way they do. He sends them to the fattest town in America (at the time of the taping of the show) Evansville, IN.

I had never heard of a Jumbo-Ambo before but they have one in Evansville.


Here is how Boston is dealing with the super size population.

Jumbo-ambo2In a super-sized world, it was perhaps inevitable: Boston’s Emergency Medical Services this month will begin deploying an ambulance equipped with a hydraulic lift to ease transport of the heaviest patients.

The ambulance retrofitting, which cost about $12,000, bears testament to the increase in morbidly obese patients and the wrenched backs and necks sustained by emergency medical technicians and paramedics straining to lift them. Most weeks, Boston rescue crews ferry two to four patients weighing at least 450 pounds.

“With a 300-pound patient, it’s not too bad, or even 400 pounds,’’ said Jose A. Archila, a Boston EMS captain. “But to be honest with you, with a 500-, 600-, 700-pound patient — it’s just too much for you.’’

The vehicle, which at first glance doesn’t appear different from the trucks routinely plying the city’s roads, also carries a stretcher capable of shouldering 850 pounds. The stretcher costs $8,000.

The ambulance is the latest piece of medical equipment to be adapted for transporting and treating extremely overweight patients, a population that rose 75 percent nationally from 2000 to 2005. Already in Boston hospitals, the beds are bigger and so are the wheelchairs and, sometimes, even the hallways.

The show also highlighted a “Heavy Lift Crew” employed by the hospital just to turn the obese patients and to help them get in and out of bed. That costs the hospital $150,000 a year.

Check out the show. It is full of information about diet and how it effects our moods, personality, body, health and much more.