The weather here in California is beautiful!!! We have already hit 84 degrees this past weekend. It was so great I went up to the mountains with my husband for a hike and a picnic. There are so many activities that you can do outside to get yourself into great shape. Ditch the gym and workout in the great outdoors!

walking21. Walking – Download some tracks that keep a steady beat and that will raise the beat of the music during your walk. I find these kinds of tracks extremely helpful. Sometimes I’m surprised at how fast I can walk.

volleyball_fun2. Beach Volleyball – California has tons of beaches to play beach volleyball! If you live in a city or state that doesn’t have beach front property, then find a nice grassy field and play until your hearts content. This is great to involve your friends. You can all get together and have a workout without it feeling like you are working out. Then plan a great healthy picnic afterward.

gardening3. Gardening – This is great, you get to workout and eventually eat the fruits of your labor. It’s a twofer.

4. Surfing – This one isn’t for me, but it sure looks like fun! Have you seen those cool videos with the GoPro cameras?
This is a great video of Kelly Slater surfing