I’m continuing with outdoor activities to get us in shape. I love some of these because you need another person to participate in the workout.

tennis1. Tennis – Pick up your racket and challenge your friend, neighbor, or spouse to a game of tennis. Running around the court allows you to sneak in an aerobic workout. Plus, hitting the ball is a great arm toner.

Me at 140 pounds!2. Bicycling – I love this one. I got a Trek bike and I love riding it. In the picture above I have a beach cruiser. Great bike, but not for the kind of riding we do. I have it set up in the house to ride when the weather is crappy outside, or to use for exercise when I’m watching a video online. You can do this alone, but it is a lot of fun to do with another person or a group of people. I can’t wait to get back to the Iron Horse Trail!

3. Frisbee – Now this is fun! You get to run around a lot and do a lot of bending to pick up the Frisbee. If you are new to this I think you will get a great workout because you are going to be spending your time trying to get good enough to get it to the person who is going to attempt to catch the Frisbee. How about Frisbee Golf?

4. Swimming – I love this one. I really like swimming indoors better than the outdoors. With the drought we are experiencing the lakes and ponds don’t look too healthy.

Great Scenery5. Sightseeing – This is great for a date! Pick a place you have never been to before. Pack a healthy picnic. Take lots of pictures and videos and then have a “Rate this Date” card to fill out. Rate the whole experience and decide if this is an activity that you would recommend.