Staying healthy during and after National Nutrition Month

Reported by: Nina DeSarro

roasted_veggiesEven though there’s only a little more than a week left of National Nutrition Month, it’s still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.
The first step to shopping smart, dietitian Brenda Duby said start in the produce section.
“You know you really want to fill half your plate with vegetables, non starchy vegetables and lots of colorful fruits,” Duby said.
The more color variety, the better for you.
“So if you look around you see lots of color in this section and we encourage people to learn to try lots of colors,” Duby said.
United Supermarkets uses a system called NUVAL, which ranks foods from 1 to 100.
“You try and find the highest number in each aisle that way you know you’re picking something with the best nutritional value.”
Another tip to remember, not all meat is created equally.
“And while this meat has lots of marbling and fat and this is something that people really like, this is the stuff that when eaten frequently can cause some heart issues. The items with the word loin or round in them are leaner,” Duby said.
For healthier snacking, go Greek.
“The Greek style yogurt is a little bit more strained so there’s three times as much protein in Greek yogurt than regular yogurt,” Duby said.
More popular than ever is alternative milk products. But Duby warned, they aren’t always so healthy.
“You’re cashew milk, your almond milk, your coconut milk and those can be great choices they can have a lot of sugar added to them if they’re flavored.”
Although March is classified as National Nutrition Month, Duby said staying healthy and nutritious should really be all year long.