Rainy days and Mondays don’t get this girl down. Do you know what Mondays are good for?! Beginning something new, that is what Mondays are good for.

Here is my something new: I’m setting a new goal of walking 10 miles each day. I started challenging myself over the last couple of weeks and I have been able to do it, so now I want to make it a new daily challenge. The 10,000 steps, piece of cake! I have those in by 9 am.

Eating healthier, cutting out the sugar and no “treating” myself to a diet pop. I feel so good at 50 I want to continue with the healthy lifestyle.

My husband and I went to New Melones Lake this weekend and we had the best time. We camped there and had the entire place to ourselves except for two other campers way over on the other side of the campgrounds.

We did a 5 mile hike before we set up our tent and had a wonderful lunch of rib eye steaks and salad. Dinner was pan roasted chicken with sweet potato chips made with olive oil. Yummy!




At night we could hear the owls high up in the trees.






The turkeys gobbled as they walked through the campground after dark and then we could hear them as they made their way back through the campground just before dawn. I wonder what a turkey does during the dark hours of the night?


So tell me what your “something new” is for this Monday?