I believe that getting the kitchen organized and ready for the week will eliminate a lot of stress. If you are spending a lot of money and time at the restaurants each week, you can save that money and time at home with the family. By organizing your families meals you will be creating a healthy meal plan for all of you. I know that for those of us who are losing weight that going to the restaurant is a healthy-eating-plan killer.

We can tell ourselves that we aren’t going to eat that much, and maybe take home half of our meal in a doggy bag. It doesn’t always work out that way, and then what happens? We stress out because of the amount of food we consumed and we shouldn’t have.

So to take the stress out of our meals and save time and money let’s eat at home and have wonderful tasting food.

First: Plan your meals. There are many good programs out there for you to plan your meals. One great program is <a href=”http://emeals.com/”>Emeals</a&gt;. This program has meal planning for everyone’s dietary needs.

Second: Make a grocery list and only buy what is on it.

Third: Organize the refrigerator!

Fourth: Prepare your protein ahead of time.

I hope these tips help. Planning ahead and sticking to the plan can help eliminate stress.

If you are already in a routine like this, please share a recipe that you make ahead of time for the week.