Get Jazzed About Not Eating Out!

This seems to be America’s favorite pass time. We eat out at restaurants every chance we get and for any reason we can think of.

Reasons we eat out:

  • Someone got a raise.
  • Someone got a new job.
  • The baseball team won.
  • Someone got an A on a test.
  • Someone got an A on a report card.
  • Someone is pregnant.
  • It’s somebody’s birthday.
  • Someone got a promotion.
  • I’m too tired to cook.
  • And the worst reason: I lost weight!

My husband and I gave up eating out about five years ago. The only time we have tried to eat out recently is for our birthdays. We won’t be doing that again.

We had both built up in our minds the experience we were going to have at the restaurant and we were both let down. The restaurant I chose, served a dish that I couldn’t make at home. When we got there, the restaurant had removed that dish from the menu. We told the waiter that we were there for my birthday, so he asked the chef if they could make the entree for me, and he was told no. Come to find out the sauce for the entree wasn’t made there in the kitchen, it was from a bottle and they didn’t have it in stock anymore.

The restaurant my husband chose for his birthday was also disappointing. Mark wanted to do Italian. The restaurant in know for its bread and dipping oil. The day we went, they didn’t have their regular bread and they served us store bought hoagie rolls instead. The food was bad, and the restaurant was getting a makeover while they were open for business.

We did go out this year because I turned 50. I chose Red Lobster. I do cook fish, but the other seafood I don’t. When we got there I ordered one of my favorite dishes and when it came to the table I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I used to eat that whole plate full of food in one sitting and didn’t even think anything about it. All of the food on the plate was that wonderful healthy color, brown. Needless to say, I could only eat about one-third of the dish and my dog got the rest of it.

There is so much salt and fat in the foods at the restaurant and the portions are ginormous! Nobody needs to eat that much food.

Both of our eating habits have changed so much that going out to eat at a restaurant just isn’t worth it anymore.

One thing I do like that the restaurants are doing is putting the calorie counts on the menus. Being able to see the calories can really help you make an informed choice from the menu. I’m always amazed at the calories in the dishes. For example:

shrimp_scampiRed Lobster

Two Appetizer Combination: Mozzarella Sticks and Mushrooms – 610 calories/33 grams of fat/1750 mg sodium.

Dinner: Admiral’s Feast: Baked Potato, Caesar Salad, Caesar Dress, and Biscuits – 2130 calories/130 g of fat/ 5150 mg of sodium.

This meal totals: 2740 calories. When do most people eat a meal like this? Just before they go to bed.

If you are on a eating program of only 1200 – 1500 calories, you have blown it in a big and very unhealthy way!

pizzamonthRoundtable Pizza

Appetizer: Classic Wings with BBQ Sauce: 434 calories.

Hearty Bacon Supreme with Pan Crust: 360 calories per slice.

Most people will eat 4 – 6 slices. Calorie total 1440 to 2160.

I’m not going to give any more examples. You know what I’m talking about and you need to set yourself up for success and make the choice to eat at home where you can create almost the same meal that is much healthier or go to the restaurant and order the heart attack special.

Don’t fall into the trap of telling yourself that you will go to the restaurant and choose something healthy. That doesn’t always work. Once you see the pictures on the menu and smell the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen and see what the other diners around you are ordering, you will fall back into the bad habit of ordering something you shouldn’t, eating it and then kicking yourself later for the bad choice you made.

Chances are you won’t sleep well that night. Your body is working all night long to process that big meal you just scarfed down instead of getting the rest it needs.

You will drop a few pounds just from starting a new habit of not eating out. Your bank account will thank you too!

Get jazzed about your lifestyle, jazzed about fitness, jazzed about healthy foods and stay out of the restaurants!