Everyone needs a goal.

You have to set goals and write them down so that you know what your target is you’re you are aiming for in your weight loss journey. A goal is just a dream until you write it down. You need to have a target and a date to reach the target. If you need to be accountable to someone that will help you stay on track then ask a friend to be your accountability partner.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, setting your goals in five pound increments very manageable. You will be happier with your results if you take your pounds to lose in smaller increments. If you look at a large amount of weight, let’s use fifty pounds, it can be a daunting task. Take a step back and look at the first five pounds. Anyone can knuckle down and lose five pounds. If you set your goals in small increments you will see a more rapid result. If you lose five pounds in the first week, you can check off that first goal and know that you are five pounds closer to wearing a size smaller.

bath_scaleThere have been a lot of debates on that in the past about how often you should weigh yourself. Some people say weigh yourself once a week. I say weigh yourself everyday and step on the scale first thing in the morning. If you weigh yourself once a week, you may miss the day you lose a pound or two. That is the motivation you need to push you to lose the next three pounds.

Your pounds to lose are known goal you can set and hit. A goal that is not so easy to set if you look at the big picture is the final size you want to be able to wear. For instance, you may want your goal to be a size four. That may be impossible. You may not have the right body structure to get to a size 4. Instead set a goal known size goal while aiming for a weight loss goal. If you are a size 20 then you know you can hit the goal of being a size 18. After you reach a size 18 set your next goal to get into a size 16.

These are very attainable small goals. How do we know you can hit these clothing size goals? You had to pass these sizes on your way to the size you are in now. At the beginning of your journey if you make a goal that is ten sizes away, that goal can seem unattainable. One size at a time along with one pound at a time and you will be a success.

4 sticks of butter equals a pound.
4 sticks of butter equals a pound.


Get jazzed in a minute tip! One pound is equal to four sticks of butter. I want you to see those four sticks of butter every time you lose a pound. If you can associate a pound of fat on your body with a pound of fat in the refrigerator, you will be motivated to stay on track.

Get jazzed in a minute tip! Put a current picture of yourself on the refrigerator to remind you that you do not want to look like that anymore.