Get Jazzed About a Kitchen Garden!

Now that you are getting healthier does the idea of a kitchen garden sound good to you? If it does then I would encourage you to start growing your own vegetables. You can do all of these vegetables in containers. You don’t have to have an acre of land! Buy yourself some pretty containers and then start growing cherry tomatoes, green peppers and anything else that you would like to eat. You can also buy miniature size fruit trees! I have lemons, oranges and grapefruits. They are beautiful little trees and the fruit that comes off of them is delicious. You can grow fresh herbs. These are great to have for your new meals that you are going to learn to prepare.

I want to encourage you to start a kitchen garden with pretty pots and nice plants. Try out your green thumb and see how you do. You may discover a hidden talent and you could become a very good gardener.

Make an indoor herb garden!

How to plant a vegetable container garden

Jazzed in a Minute!

7-11 drawerDo you have a 7-Eleven in your desk? Are you the one that everybody visits when they need a snack? I want to suggest that you clear all that stuff out and throw it away. Don’t give it to anybody. You are busy creating a healthy lifestyle and you know that junk is bad for you. Why do you think they call it junk food?

If you are working at a desk and munching on junk food, guess where it shows up. It shows up on the part of our body that we hate the most, and that is usually our butt. So if you’re sitting all day and you’re eating that crap all day guess what? Your butt turns into the shape of your chair and you can’t hide that.

Put an attractive container on your desk filled with delicious fruit and nuts. Hey! You may get more work done. I bet the traffic to your office may slow down when your co-workers see the new snacks you are willing to share.