Get Jazzed About Summer Vacation Part 1

Summer is here and school is just about finished for the year, so that means family vacations, family reunions, picnics and cookouts! I can get jazzed about that.

What are you going to do this year if this is your year of living a healthy lifestyle what are you going to do when it comes to eating at all of these wonderful events that I mentioned at the top?

You know as well as I do that at family cookouts you can find yourself over eating. Let’s face it, good tasting food is everywhere! I want to encourage you to bring very healthy but very tasty food to those events that include eating.

Jazzed Desserts

Desserts are where a lot of people get off track. People bring pies, cakes and cookies and maybe some home made ice cream. Yum! You can bring something a little lighter.

A pretty bowl fresh of berries and a can or two of Ready Whip is a great treat.

Chocolate and Strawberries
Chocolate and Strawberries

If you want people to be able to have a little taste of chocolate with fruit make chocolate dipped strawberries. Use both white and dark chocolate for a beautiful presentation.

fruit-filled-candy-cups-largeIf you really want to show off: a chocolate cup filled with fresh berries is sure to make others feel special. Use both white and dark chocolate for this dessert too.

I’ve included the recipe for this fabulous dessert.


Serve this treat on a cupcake tree and you will be the talk of the ladies.

I’m going to talk about the proteins and salads at these fun events in my next blog.