turkey-burgerSummer is here and school is just about finished for the year, so that means family vacations, family reunions, picnics and cookouts! I can get jazzed about that.

What are you going to do this year if this is your year of living a healthy lifestyle what are you going to do when it comes to eating at all of these wonderful events that I mentioned at the top?

You know as well as I do that at family cookouts you can find yourself over eating. Let’s face it, good tasting food is everywhere! I want to encourage you to bring very healthy but very tasty food to those events that include eating.

Jazzed Proteins

Now, about those hotdogs. We know they do make a great turkey hot dog, so how about grilling those? Instead of hamburgers cook turkey burgers for people so that they have a healthier choice. Chicken is always a winner. The dark and the white meat is good for you. If you have plenty of grilled chicken serve a no sugar bar-b-q sauce. Chaka’s is great! No sugar and no preservatives.

Jazzed Salads

Everybody likes the heavy salads. Favorites include macaroni, potato, egg salad and coleslaw. How about serving a fresh tossed salad or create a “salad bar” where people can build their salad. You can purchase those really nice containers for an attractive tablescape. Fill it with almost every type of salad topping you can think of.

Jazzed in a second for salad!

Don’t fill your “salad bar” with things like cheese and bacon. Only provide fresh fruits and vegetables. Raisins are a nice addition to salads and how about some dried cranberries to dress up a salad?

Tip: You don’t have to announce to everybody at these events that you are on the road to a healthier you and lifestyle. Let the food that you bring speak for itself. Have fun and enjoy the activities and visiting with others.