You have to reward yourself as you go through the journey of becoming healthier and more active. This is one of the hardest journeys that you will ever take. When you need to lose weight it you have to eat.

When you are in over eater and food is abundantly available to you, learning to cut back on the calories is a struggle. You need to set up a reward system for yourself as you go on your journey. The one of thing you must never use as a reward is food! When you lose 5 pounds that is not the time to go to a restaurant and celebrate. Instead, treat yourself to a piece of workout equipment.

Ladies if you are on your weight loss journey you’re going to be looking forward to the new clothes you are going to be wearing, how about rewarding yourself with something like that just a pretty little scarf to add to your wardrobe?

omelette_finishedI believe you should change the color of your plates and your dishes. Creating an attractive table scape to serve your healthy meals on will make your food taste even more delicious. When you lose five pound, treat yourself to a couple of new plates or glasses. You don’t need to go out and purchase a complete set of dishes, just add a plate or two as you go along. At my house it’s only my husband and myself, so I just buy two dinner plates, two salad plates and to glasses. Building new sets of silverware is fun too.

When I started losing weight I got rid of all my white dishes that had a pretty design on it. Over time that design had faded and the dishes weren’t shiny and new like when I purchased them. White dishes are boring. I started my rewards with red dishes. Then I bought a set of yellow. I started looking at the secondhand stores and I was able to find cobalt blue plates.

Now when I purchase new dishes I can coordinate them with the existing colors that I have. It is very easy to grow a set of dishes if you start out with solid colors.

Create a fun set of glasses! I have a few nice beverage glasses, but if you visit a store like Pier One, they have the prettiest glasses that you can reward yourself with.

Radiance-Fruit-SaladRemember, yogurt, fresh fruit and a slice of toast can look very boring, but if you take the time to put them on a pretty plate and drink your beverage from a pretty glass, your meal will be more appetizing.

There are so many things you can reward yourself with that aren’t food they can help keep you motivated to lose your weight.

I will continue with getting you jazzed with a reward system in my next blog!