You are important and you need to start showing yourself that you believe you are. Implementing a reward system will help keep you motivated to stay on your journey of becoming a healthier version of you.

Create a reward board! Set up your goal system in five and ten pound increments. Write down what you want to earn as a reward for every milestone. Add a picture to your board so you can have a visual reminder of what you are working toward.

Make your rewards very simple to start and then you can plan for a big reward at the end when you hit your final goal. For your rewards you can choose anything. Be creative.

Colorful Dumbbells

Once I really began to get into fitness and exercise I started looking for new workout equipment and workout DVDs. When it came to fitness equipment I would buy new weights. Today, dumbbells come in all colors. Create for your in-home gym a set of free weights that are bright and colorful. I rewarded myself with weight plates. I would use a heavier weight plate with holes in it for crunches and kettle bell workouts.

Creating a selection of scarves to go with my new clothes was an inexpensive way to reward myself and I could wear my reward so other could see it. Compliment your wardrobe with a new piece of jewelry like a new ring, necklace, or a broach.

Getting Active Reward Chart
Getting Active Reward Chart

This is your journey. How will you reward yourself? This is one of the hardest journeys you will ever take and I know first hand that once you hit your goal after spending years of being over weight you will continue to stay on this journey for the rest of your life. You will never be able to go back to your old ways of living and eating. If you do, you will end up right back in the land of being overweight and unhealthy.

Jazzed in a Minute about Fitness!

Build a collection of items that are fantastic rewards for you. Set your goals and enjoy rewarding yourself when you meet your goal. Rewards will keep you jazzed and motivated about becoming fit and healthy.