fashion1Maybe one of your goals is to be more fashionable when you lose weight. Then start looking at fashion magazines. Notice the people who were around you and the styles of clothing they wear. Clip out pictures of clothes that you would like to see yourself in.


Maybe you need a new haircut or a new hair color. Visit your favorite hairstylist during this time of losing weight and try different hairstyles and hair colors as you are going through your weight loss. The shape of your face is going to change as you become thinner, so you will need to find the hair cut that matches your new face.

athleteMaybe you would like to be an athlete. If you are losing weight and becoming physically fit you are going to be an athlete. I absolutely loved it when I hit athlete status! There wasn’t an exercise I couldn’t do and just about any sport that I tried I was able to play it. Was I a pro? No! I was able to do a sport without running out of air or being a weakling.

In order to reach that status of athlete then you are going to have to do what does in order to achieve it.

chef1Do you want to improve your cooking skills? Then you have to do what it takes to be a better chef. Decide on one meal that you would really like to make. Go to your local library or check out a book on how to prepare that or even better yet, watch a YouTube video on how to prepare the meal. YouTube is awesome when it comes to learning how to do things. Start with one meal. Try it on yourself, but it would be more fun if you prepared the new meal and shared it with someone else and got their opinion on how it tastes and looks.

So remember on your journey to becoming a healthier you, in order to be you have to do.