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Sometimes I journal three pages, sometimes I journal thirty pages, but I’m writing all the time, and whatever’s happening is happening in real time for me.

Nikki Sixx

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American Standard Version (ASV)

Job 19:30 Oh that my words were now written! Oh that they were inscribed in a book!

journalingKeeping a Journal

I am a big fan of keeping a journal. Writing in a journal is a great tool for keeping track of the food you are eating and the exercise you are completing. This is also the place where you’re going to keep track of your weight and how much weight you are losing each week and you may also want to keep track of your inches. I would suggest that you take all of your measurements as you begin your weight loss so that you can see how many inches are actually lost as you go through your journey. I was amazed when I found out by measuring that I have lost 10 inches around my chest area. That’s huge!

You can get as creative as you want with your journal. You can buy a very attractive one, or your activities may be written in a spiral notebook. I use an excel spreadsheet. I make a new journal page for the week and print it off. I have a bunch of stickers that I use for my music students and sometimes I decorate the page with them when I really nail everything in my journal to-do list or I accomplish all of my exercise goals for the day.

Journaling your meal plan every day is going to help you tremendously. There were times that I didn’t keep track of what I was eating and I have kicked myself because I know that there were certain weeks that I didn’t journal my menus and I had lost a lot of weight, so I didn’t have it in my memory what foods were working for me. For me to sit down and try to re-create those menus that I had during that time was almost impossible. So please, journal every meal what you are eating is so you can keep track of which meals really work for you versus the meals that don’t. It is good to keep track of the time you eat your meals. You may find that eating a specific meal for dinner didn’t work at dinner time because it was too heavy before you went to bed, but it would be a great meal lunch and then you could eat something lighter at dinner time.

Journaling your exercise is also very helpful and exciting. Keep track of how many miles you walk. If you do push-ups keep track of how many push-ups you did when you first started and then every time you are able to add extra push-ups to your routine. Journal the amount of weight you are lifting. You may start out with a two or 3 pound weight, but in a couple weeks you’re up to 10 pounds because you are consistently exercising and eating correctly. This is very exciting data on you and your life.

If you aren’t into journaling you may want to reconsider. It is going to help you throughout your journey to a healthier you.