Let’s hear it for that delicious and healthy meat: CHICKEN!

Quote of the Day:

The greatest story of all is Colonel Sanders. He didn’t start until he was sixty-six on a freeway bypass for his chicken shop. Anything is possible!
Robert Kiyosaki

Here are some delicious looking chicken recipes. Chicken is such a great meat to work with because you can dress it up with almost any seasoning and spices.

Here is a recipe for a super spicy way to cook your chicken. I like it that young guys can show off their culinary skills on youtube.com. I thought this one looks good and Derek does a good job telling us how to make his tasty, spicy chicken. Plus look at his arms, they are incredible!


Healthy General Tso’s Chicken – I love this!


I love casseroles for fall dinners, so here is a healthy chicken casserole.


If we are going to have chicken, then we need healthy biscuits to go with it. Here is a great recipe:


Here is a great way to enjoy chicken and biscuits with zero calories!

Colt Ford – Chicken and Biscuits

And of course there has to be chicken exercise!