Your exercise and fitness goals can be set up with short attainable steps. When you first get started working out and exercising just do what you can. If all you can do is go for a fifteen minute walk that is great! You are up and moving and you will be feeling better. After two weeks, add another ten minutes to your walk.

If you begin a running program and you can only run five minutes each time you exercise that is terrific. Again you are up and moving. After one or two weeks, add another ten minutes.

If you are beginning to add weights to your exercise routine, start off with a low weight of three pounds or five pounds. At the end of fourteen days add enough weight to move you from three pounds to five pounds and five pounds to eight pounds. As you become more physically fit, you will begin to start moving those goals up more rapidly.

When I first started my weightlifting you know I was only lifting ten to twenty-five pounds. I got to where I could three sets of fifteen reps lifting eighty-five pounds on a pulldown. I worked my way up to being able to curl forty-five pounds and I’ve actually got to a point where I can lift fifty pounds with one hand. That keeps me pretty jazzed!


Me looking my best! 80 pounds lost. I'm a size 4.
Me looking my best! 80 pounds lost. I’m a size 4.

I love bicycling. Years ago I had back surgery and one of the things that my doctor told me I would never be able to do was to ride bike. I liked riding before I had surgery I was not a competitive cyclist and I didn’t do it on a regular basis, but knowing that I could was nice. Five years ago I started bicycling and I never thought that I would go on long trips. To me thirty-one miles is a good ride on a bicycle. I’m not a competitive cyclist. I just like getting out there with my husband and finding really nice paved trails and being able to spend the day cycling, having a picnic at the end and just feeling fantastic from being able to reach that goal.




I love it! A couple years ago I tried kayaking. Kayaking was always something I thought was cool, but when I tried it for myself the feeling was unbelievable. The first time my husband and I went kayaking with we paddled eight miles. It was so easy because we are fit. The next time we took a trip up to Tahoe. We kayaked just about the entire day on Lake Tahoe. Tahoe is absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect. There was still little bit of snow on the mountains so you know its a pretty cool being in a place where there’s snow on the mountains and people wear bikinis just a few feet below and the temperature is absolutely perfect.


Get jazzed about your fitness goals!

  • What are your goals to get you physically fit?
  • What new activities are you going to add to your days to burn calories?
  • What new exercises are you adding to your workouts?

As you begin losing your weight, don’t be afraid to try new exercises and activities. At the beginning of your weight loss journey there are going to be exercises and activities that you are not good at right now, but, you have the potential to become great at them in the future.