Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Willie Nelson
Friday is here, so that means that we all have two days to be active and do something new. What will your weekend look like? Weekends are a great way to set you up for the success of having a healthy lifestyle and get you recharged for the new week.
You have probably worked hard and maybe feel like you have been dragged through a knot hole. (I had a very hard week and I feel like I’ve been dragged through a knot hole.) Now it is time to play hard. I’m planning a hike with my husband and dog.
What ever your activity, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Take the time to do something that can get you out of the house and get you moving.
Soaring Over Ripon Balloon Festival with my Hubby!
How about grabbing a friend or your significant other and doing something together. Here is a short list, and some of these are going to depend on where you live and the weather, but don’t let the weather be an excuse:
  • Go out for a walk and talk – if the weather isn’t great, go to a mall. Have a healthy lunch while your there. Walk laps and people watch.
  • Ride your bike.
  • Try a new sport – go to the batting cages, try golfing, how about Frisbee golf?
  • Snow golf.
  • Snowball fight.
  • How about checking out the local health clubs. Create a score card and visit one health club per weekend until you have made the rounds. I bet a lot of the health clubs have one time free pass to try them out. You never know what may happen with that. You may want to join, and you may have a great work out in the process.
  • Sign up for dance lessons.

Now go out there and get jazzed about this weekend. You are free from your job and now you have a chance to be active. Get moving, and don’t be a couch potato.