I got these today from the library. I’m really excited the Whole30 book is great so far. I can’t wait to get into the cookbook.

I am starting to feel the effects of going sugarless.

This isn’t new to me. I have changed my eating habits before. I got rid of sugar, flour, pop and artificial sweeteners. Lost 80 pounds and then of course went back to eating crap again. I’ve kept almost all the weight off and I’m wearing a size 4, but I need to get back on track. I’m glad I have found a group on Facebook where I can get support, share new recipes, and hear how others are doing on the Whole30 plan.

These effects are not new and I have been waiting for them.

  • I have a boost in my energy level.
  • I have started to get muscle cramps in my legs.
  • My eyes are becoming more dry.

For the leg cramps I will combat those with more vitamins, and for my dry eyes I will use Evening Primrose Oil and a sleep mask at night. Today, I’m going to add fresh pineapple to my stir-fry. That addition will help with my eye dryness.

These three things tell me I’m on the right path.

Veggie Haul – Broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, yams, carrots, mushrooms and green onions.

I went to the store today because I couldn’t wait any longer for my books to come in and I picked up fresh veggies! I’m going to try the cauliflower rice. I want to add that to my stir-fry.

Roast Beef with Baked Yam and Steamed Broccoli

Today was a cold, windy and wet day. I thought a nice roast beef dinner was in order. Roast beef, yam and steamed broccoli. It was delicious and it hit the spot.


Exercise today was mile 2 of the 4 Miracle Miles DVD. This mile flies by it is so fast paced. I may do another mile before the night is over.