I want to be a success in 2017 of reaching my goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have been losing and gaining weight my whole life. About 5 years ago I decided I had had enough and set out to lose it once and for all. And I did it! I lost 80 pounds.


This is me at 145. I loved being at this weight, but I guess I loved eating more. So I started again in August, 2016 to lose the weight again and get back to my goal weight.


Here I am on August 5, 2016. I started my Walk Away the Pounds program with Leslie Sansone. I have a very strict exercise routine. I have to walk at least 6 times each week. I joined a “Sisters In Sweat” Facebook Group and that has kept me motivated.


Here I am on September 25, 2016 after “walking away the pounds” for 30 days.


This is me today after “walking away the pounds” and completing the first 14 days of the Whole30 program. Last month, I couldn’t even fit into this outfit. Isn’t it amazing what an extra 20 pounds can do? Ick…

I took some extra progress pictures so I can keep track every two weeks of my progress. Here is my progress fashion show.


I like this blouse. This is a real “progress” blouse. I bought this because the waist is very small. I would keep trying it on until one day I could button it all the way down. When I lost 80 pounds I lost 10 inches off of my waist. I’m really glad this fits again!


This denim dress has got to be one of the hardest to wear pieces of clothing I have. The waist is super small. I thought I would never fit into it again. As you can see there is more progress that needs to be made, but I’m determined to get it fitting perfectly.


My husband got me talking to him while he was talking pictures. Oops! Any hoo, I couldn’t wear this top two months ago. I could barely get it on and it made me look pregnant. It is fitting much better now.

How about this sassy little number? I picked up this red leather jacket at a vintage clothing store. It is a size small. This jacket still had the tags on it and I only paid $6 for it. It matches my blouse too.

I’m on the right track! This is going to be the year of living healthy and I am going to be a success at living a healthy lifestyle!


Question: What is holding you back from living a healthy lifestyle? Please leave your comments below.