I’m on the down hill side of the first 30 days!

I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t get to post, so I’m doing double duty today.

Yesterday started out great. I walked 1 mile to get my muscles and joints all warmed up and followed that with a hot chicken stir-fry.

Yesterday was a great shoulders and back workout. My body was singing when I was done and I felt great.

fat_fast_leslieToday, the 16th day, started right out of bed with a 30 minute fat burn walk. That really felt good getting up and getting moving before breakfast. I’m looking forward to another busy day and I’m hoping to start making some videos to share with you guys!

tuesdayEveryone have a fabulous Tuesday! Be happy, it’s a brand new day. This is a day to start over and begin again if you need to. If you are already on track then I wish you another day of success!