I had huge success this weekend. I am no longer eating out of boredom. I’m also not eating just because it is a certain time of day. I’m eating when I hungry and at the appropriate time. This is a big deal.

I fixed meals for my husband that I would have loved to eaten along with him in the past, but I didn’t find myself tempted. The positives of not eating those foods out weigh the negatives.

I am seeing big improvements in some health issues I have been having. Since day one the symptoms have been clearing up. Some of them seem non-existent. For those reasons alone I’m going to stick to this and continue onto round two after this round ends.

I do have to admit that meals are kind of boring since I have cut out the nightshades, all the dairy and eggs. I believe that those have been causing me many problems.


Ten days left on this round and I can’t wait to see where I end up on the scale. Not weighing myself has probably been the hardest thing about this program. I use to weigh myself everyday.

Question: If you are on the Whole30, what foods will you not be reintroducing back into your diet? Please leave your comment below.