Day 22 finds me on a Monday! With only a few days left in round one I’m getting pretty excited to see how things are going to end on the thirtieth day.

I’m going to retake the pictures that I took last week to see if there are any changes.

Today I walked three miles and worked on my shoulders and upper back.

I found this quote and it is so true.

Instead of piling up food in my fridge that says ‘Come eat me!’ I keep enough for only a couple of days. And I rarely have treats around that might tempt me late at night, which is when I usually crave something really fattening. What am I going to do? Drive out at 11 at night just to satisfy a craving? No, that’s crazy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I don’t keep anything in the house that could tempt me. I don’t keep any ingredients in the house that I could throw together to make cookies, cakes or pies. Those use to be my downfall. Some days I laugh at myself when I think about not having ingredients in the house. I use to have a cookie bouquet business and I would bake up to 400 cookies a day. I have come along way baby!

Your New Self Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.