I’m just coasting through these last few days. I’m not craving sugar at all. I have developed a taste for pineapple and I find that refreshing and a great choice for dessert.

I must confess that this last full week, I tried to cut out too much sugar. I cut out all fruits and my favorite, yams. That didn’t go over too well. My body hurt and I was starving. I only did that for three days. I won’t try that again. I couldn’t believe the difference when I added the fruit and yams back in. The pain in my body left immediately and I am no longer hungry.

I think I said after the first week that I didn’t think I would be adding back in some of the foods I had stopped eating, but I have changed my mind. I’m going to re-introduce oatmeal back into my diet. I’m only eating 1/2 a cup for a serving, so I think that will be okay.

appetite-1238251_640Change of subject. The price of broccoli has gone up! A couple of weeks ago I paid 69 cents a pound for broccoli. Last week I paid $1.59 per pound. Today, I paid $1.98 per pound. I live in the central valley in California where we grow everything. I can’t believe the price jump!

Question: How much do you pay for broccoli and where do you live? Please leave your comment below.