This is it! Today is my last day of round 1 of the Whole30 program. I’m so glad that I took these last 30 days to detox from the sugar. Did I lose a lot of weight, no. I lost 6 pounds. That isn’t as important as ridding myself of the sugar cravings.

What did I learn over the last 30 days?

  1. I can live without sugar. I know the side effects that I was having when I ate sugar and I have not had any of those during the 30 days. It has been wonderful.
  2. I’m not overeating like I did before. I’m not grazing on the weekends when I’m home.
  3. Simple meals are the best. If I can make a simple meal using one pan, my Perfect Portion cups and a ramekin, then that is good enough for me.


Where do I go from here? 

I’m moving on to the Paleo program. The Whole30 did for me what I wanted it to do. I’m staying away from some of the nightshade foods and I’m going to re-introduce eggs back into my diet.

I have already started reading the Paleo books and I have more on order from my local library, so I want to be prepared to start next week.

I’m going to take pictures this coming weekend to see if there were any changes from the pictures I took 10 days ago. That should be interesting. I’m not really expecting there to be any, but it will be nice to start the Paleo with a fresh set of before pictures.