I started the Paleo diet on Friday, February 3rd. That may sound like an odd day to begin a diet. Most people wait until a Monday, but I took a day in between the Whole30 and the Paleo.

I’m going to continue using my Perfect Portion control cups. I wanted to share with you what that will look like.


I’m going to be doing the Maximal Weight Loss Level

This is  the 95-5 rule with one Open Meal a week, and the balance of meals made up of all the delicious modern Paleo meals.


This is my Paleo Breakfast for 4-3-17. The above picture is the Perfect Portions and below is the meal put together. It was yummy!




Lunch was a chicken stir-fry. Above I measured out everything first. I used the carbs cup to measure my fruit. I didn’t want a full cup of pineapple. The carbs cup is 1/2 cup.




Dinner was a small butter lettuce salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Chicken is my protein and I used walnuts for my crunchies.


My snack was at 6:00 pm. I usually don’t eat that late, but I wanted a little something before I went to bed. This snack of raisins, walnuts and two soft boiled eggs, hit the spot.


Today was a success. I never felt hungry until it got close to lunch time. I had worked off the breakfast and so chicken stir-fry for lunch was extra delicious. A hot meal on a wet and dreary day.

Question: If you are on the Paleo diet, what is your favorite three meals?