I’m at the end of my first week on the Paleo diet and I have to say, that I love this program. The food I’m eating is delicious! The Perfect Portions is keeping my portions on track. I now have two sets and that makes everything easier. I don’t have to worry about washing those cups right after or before I’m putting a meal together.

I want to share a couple of meals with the new foods that I am eating.


Above is one of my breakfasts and it is a winner. I have here a pan fried talapia and a fruit salad.  The new food in the meal is kiwi. I’ve never eaten kiwi before this week. I love it. The combination of these foods are really working for me. This is what I mean: if I eat bananas or walnuts by themselves I will get a raging heartburn. Eating them in a fruit salad I don’t get heartburn at all.


This is my favorite salad! Butter lettuse, green onions, cucumber, grilled chicken, a whole tomato, a whole pink lady apple. Again eating this combination of veggies keep me from having heartburn.


This is my favorite nighttime snack. Two boiled eggs, 2 Tbsp walnuts and 2 Tbsp raisins.


This is my daily caloric intake that I’m using with the Perfect Portions cups. It really is working!


Question: What diet program has worked for you and why do you like it?