These are great tips for living healthy and becoming more fit.

Simply, Apostolia

It’s really hard to love yourself while living in a world that constantly tells you not to do it. I became obsessed with losing pounds because every single day, I was comparing myself to all those “slim” girls either on Instagram or on the TV. So I started to believe that I was fat.

Every day, I was looking for new diets, workouts, anything that would make me lose pounds fast. The scale became my new best friend, although I wanted to break it because it was stuck in 133 pounds. You see, my goal was to be slimmer, to lose weight, something that made me feel negative about my body, and of course, I didn’t see any results. So, I just changed my goal! I decided to get stronger, become healthier and take care of myself. That’s when I slowly started to see the difference. It was all about my way of…

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