CP Living Healthy

Be fit, active and healthy with an autoimmune disorder.

About Me

Cranky Pony Living Healthy

I have been on a life long journey with my weight. Forty years later I have become physically fit and I love it!

I want everyone out there who has struggled with their weight, whether it be for a short time or a lifetime, to know that you can feel great too.

The timing has to be right. That is the most important thing. If you aren’t ready to make the permanent change that needs to be made, you will continue to be frustrated with weight-loss. I can tell you that when you are really ready, nothing and no one is going to get in your way and that will make your weight-loss journey much easier.

Me at 280 pounds.This is me at my heaviest weight. I’m at 280 pounds here. I never thought about not being healthy all I thought about was food. I’m the one on the right.

Me at 140 pounds!

Here I am at 140 pounds.  I look and feel my absolute best.

This blog is my journey back to my ideal weight. I want to help others along the way. I am currently at 159 pounds, and I  am working on getting back to 140. If you are ready to make a change then join me. Follow my blog. Comment on my posts that inspire you. Please comment on the posts that you can identify with. I hope that my tips and encouragement will help you in your journey to become a success a living healthy!

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